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About our Tree reduction Services

Our most frequent assignments are to help people manage large trees in their gardens and in public spaces,
preventing overhanging and a tree's size getting out of control. 

Trees often outgrow their locations. Crown reduction can solve the problem without removing the entire tree. This kind of pruning must be done with care,
having regard to the correct shape for the species and minimising the damage caused by overlarge or incorrectly positioned cuts.

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We perform a variety of different techniques to ensure your tree remains healthy and safe for many years to come:


Pollarding is a pruning technique where the upper branches of a tree are regularly cut back to the same point, creating a pollard head or knuckle. This method is often used for certain tree species to control growth, encourage new shoots, and produce a specific aesthetic effect.


This involves the selective removal of specific branches to improve the overall health, structure, and appearance of a tree. Different pruning techniques address issues like overcrowding, deadwood, low-hanging branches, and improving light penetration.

Crown Reduction

This reduces the overall size of a tree's canopy and requires the careful removal of branches while maintaining the natural shape and integrity of the tree. Crown reduction helps to manage the size of a tree in confined spaces or reduce the risk of branches interfering with structures or utility lines.

 a tree surgeon in an apple picker tending to extended branches of a leafless tree


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