Hedge management



Helping you keep your hedges appealing and healthy

If you have a hedge that is too tall or bulky to trim yourself, let the professionals at Boward Tree Surgery take care of it for you.

Well maintained hedges provide wildlife habitats as well as screening for privacy and security for keeping out intruders, while minimising nuisance to neighbours. 

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Proper maintenance of your hedges is vital their and their surrounding's health and sustainability.

Many of our clients have hedges over 30 feet high, which need trimming every year to ensure safety, prevent them becoming a nuisance, and maintain a neat aesthetic.

We cater for clients with hedges of all heights however, enabling them to keep their hedgerows under control, while still retaining privacy. Having well maintained hedges can also significantly enhance the appearance of your property. Our hedge trimming services will give your hedges a clean and neat look, ensuring they remain healthy, dense, and visually appealing

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