Dead wood removal 



Dead wood removal can benefit a tree's health

As tree surgeons in Uxbridge, we aim to make sure every tree on your property is healthy and can remove dead wood and unhealthy branches quickly and efficiently. This is done on its own or in conjunction with all other pruning operations. The usual reason is to minimise the risk from falling debris and to improve appearance.

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Deadwood not only detracts from the visual appeal of your trees but can also become a hazard.

Our team will expertly remove dead or decaying branches, promoting tree health and reducing the risk of falling limbs. Deadwood removal involves the removal of dead or decaying branches from a tree. Deadwood can be a safety hazard as it is prone to falling, especially during storms or strong winds. Removing deadwood helps to prevent potential damage to property and reduces the risk of accidents. If you have a tree whose health you are concerned about, we are waiting to take your call.

 a tree surgeon removing diseased and dead wood from a tree


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